Green Barn at Burtown House & Gardens

The Green Barn is located just inside the front gates of Burtown House, set in the front parkland overlooking our walled kitchen garden. It is easily accessible as a quick lunch stop, or for a more relaxed luncheon style affair.

It combines large open spaces with high ceilings and expansive wall spaces, with movable panelled partitions to create that more intimate perfect space for any size of group.

This all opens out onto an exterior terrace, and again into a series of courtyard spaces that each tell a different story and create a different ambience.

There are areas reserved for parents with children and areas that are reserved for guests who would like to dine with the more relaxing sound of our surrounding wildlife and old world jazz music.

The Green Barn is based on old style Scandinavian barns with a New England twist, combining high ceilings, rustic textures, individual tables settings, and specially designed pottery, linen and cutlery.

From Farm to Fork
We serve only the freshest possible seasonal produce that has almost always come straight from our organic kitchen garden that very morning.

We believe in serving what we like to eat, honest, unfussy, unpretentious food, letting our produce be the strength in what you eat.

We like to combine seasonal ingredients, using flavours, textures, and colours and to experiment all the time, hence offering changing menu’s that reflect what is happening in our garden.

The interior spaces are full of different art exhibitions, old photographs, large photos from the acclaimed Vanishing Ireland books, as well as sculpture, and many French antiques sourced specifically for The Green Barn and that are mostly all available to buy.

There is also a permanent exhibition dedicated to the late botanical artist Wendy Walsh, who died in 2014 two days short of her 99th birthday. She is regarded by many as Ireland’s most celebrated botanical artist, having created many of Cybil Connolly’s designs, as well designs for Tiffany’s in New York.

The Artisan Food Shop and retail area at The Green Barn
We like to sell what we like to buy, hence either making many of our own products such as Nettle Pestos, Kale Dips, Infused Oils and Salts to specially imported Acorn fed Iberian Ham’s, Irish Cheeses, much Irish and Italian produce and seriously good breads. We also source many unusual and one off interior accessories from countries like France, Sri Lanka, and India. We have an eclectic range of furniture, merchandise and display pieces by French antique dealer Josephine Ryan, her first outlet in Ireland, she being based between London and France.

We like to supply books of specific Irish interest that cover such topics as heritage, architecture, interiors, design, photography, gardens, plants, art, music and our incredibly interesting people.

Food Style
We serve only the freshest seasonal produce from our organic kitchen garden. Our menu changes daily so that we use the freshest ingredients, picked every morning.

Where at all possible two hours from ground to plate is our ethos. We believe in serving what we like to eat, unfussy, unpretentious and letting our produce be the strength in what you eat. We believe this is honest food, we like to combine seasonal ingredients, using flavours, textures, and colours and to experiment all the time, hence offering changing menu’s that reflect what is happening in our garden.

All our beef is sourced from an organic farm just down the road, as are our eggs and poultry. We use Acorn fed Iberian ham, but as we experiment with our own versions of Pata Negra, with our pigs that live a purely organic life of foraging acorns and kitchen garden produce.

We do our best to source an interesting array of Irish cheeses from an ever growing broad selection from our wonderful Irish Cheesemakers.

Our bread is Sourdough Bread made by the fermentation of dough using naturally-occurring lactobacilli and yeast.

Our Olive Oils are infused with kitchen garden herbs and for our salts we use a combination of celtic sea salt and pink himalayan salt.

For our Pizzas, we aim to give you the best there is. We have built our own purpose built wood fired oven, and have a highly trained Italian Pizza chef who overseas the best pizzas you will fine in Ireland…..and with sourdough basis they come, which means they are highly digestible and so yummy.

Thin, crispy, light and loaded with our flavoursome organic seasonal vegetables, wild garlic, and specially selected meats and cheeses.

Our homemade burgers of organic beef, we hope you agree are like no other burgers you will taste, combining a selection of herbs and vegetables to create our very own special taste and texture.

We hope you enjoy our carefully selected menu that will have changing seasonal dishes as well as some regular dishes that we find hard not include all the time.

The Artisan Shop

  • Hand Blown Glass – Exclusive range for us
  • Italian Food products
  • Place Mats
  • Cutlery
  • Aprons
  • Tea Towels
  • Napkins
  • Cushions
  • Tea Pot Matt
  • Bunbury Boards
  • Salad Bowels
  • Lamps
  • Jewellery
  • Cards
  • Paintings
  • Photographs
  • Books
Opening Hours

Wednesday – Sunday & Bank Holidays 11.00am – 5.30pm

Dinner available on Saturday Evenings

Please note that there is limited seating available, advance booking is essential.

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